Saving Money with Your Car

Keeping your car working will help you save a lot of money. Simple things like old spark plugs can lead to problems with the way a car works. Learning how to properly care for your car will allow you to save money from gas mileage to maintenance to a number of other things. Here are a few different ways you can save money in your car.

Find Low-Cost Gas

One way to reduce how much you spend on your car is to shop around for the cheapest fuel prices. You can download a free app to locate nearby gas stations, and sort them by price. Keeping your fuel costs under control will limit how much you spend each month on gas. Some credit cards offer discounts on fuel, and others even provide you with cash back.

Change Your Oil

If you go too long without changing the oil, your car may break down. Some cars will end up running sluggish if the oil is old, or if you push your car past the point where it needs to be changed. Review the vehicle’s operating manual to find out how often you should change your oil. Most vehicles need to be changed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. To save more money on your car, learn how to change the oil yourself. Changing your own oil can save you $70 or more each year on oil changes.

Change the Air Filter

Another thing you can do to save money on your car is by changing the air filter. The air filter allows the car to have fresh air when you are driving, and it helps to improve the overall gas mileage for the vehicle as well.

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To save money on expensive vehicle maintenance, plan on doing some repairs on your own. Brake repairs, in particular, can be expensive. Brakes can cost $20 or $75, but the labor can cost upwards of $400 or more. Instead, change your own brake pads, and take the rotors to a local auto shop to have them spun.

Used Parts

Older cars can wear out over time, and the costs to replace tires and other parts can be expensive. Taking your car to a repair shop is a good idea to find out what is wrong, and how much they will charge to fix it. If you are unable to perform the repairs yourself, talk to the mechanic about purchasing used parts. Certain parts are twice as expensive new than used models; used tires can be 30 to 50 percent less expensive from a new set of tires.

Read the Manual

Have you taken the time to read the owner’s manual? There are a lot of helpful facts about your car in the owner’s manual. It can clearly show you how to change a light bulb, a repair that can cost upwards of $100 at some shops. Learning about your vehicle is a simple way to save money on your car.

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